It all started when...

Two people (Teri & Michael) found themselves with the same vision and two different sets of skills.

An actor, a writer. A shared passion for storytelling.

Route Nine Studios began as a way to express our creativity as the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives seemed to take over. We didn’t want to be two small fish in a very big pond. We quickly realised how well our skills lent themselves to creating powerful, emotional, story driven video content that helps brands & individuals express their unique personalities & values

Teri Moran

Writer, Producer & Director

Michael Jon Dawson

Director of Photography, Camera Operator & Editer

Teri graduated with a degree in screenwriting (yes it’s a real thing!) in 2014 and hasn’t stopped writing since. She’s your first port of call for “So how do we make this happen?” and in her own words – no idea is too crazy.

Michael studied acting for 3 years in Manchester but while he’s not in front of the camera you’ll find him behind it. Hobbies include delivering dramatic dialogue, long mournful pauses and getting annoyed when the lighting “Isn’t saying what I want it to say”.


To Create emotive, powerful & meaningful films that inspire change & challenge perceptions.

Our History.

We make films. We say that a lot, don’t we? But that’s not just a buzzword or a marketing gimmick to us. We genuinely do make films. When we aren’t making films for brands we’re making films of our own – and I don’t just mean our own marketing films.

We started this business originally because we are absolutely head-over-heels, manically in love with the film industry. And that’s probably still an understatement. We went from film fanatics, to wannabe actors and screenwriters to actual actors and screenwriters.

What’s next? Who knows. But we can’t wait to find out.

Coming Soon
Curtain Fall

Our latest film, currently in post-production. Made in aid of The HoneyRose Foundation - a small charity that grants wishes for terminally ill adults.


Our biggest project to date and currently in the festival submission process. 

“18 year old Lolah reflects back on her 8th birthday, and explores how one person who entered her life that day changed everything for herself and her young single mother. ‘Lolah’ explores how the simplest of actions and decisions can have massive consequences, and how simple changes to a seemingly ordinary day can change your world forever.”


A short film we made in the Autumn of 2017.

Shortlisted for and screened at the Colchester Film Festival as part of the 60 Hour Film Challenge.

“A bar worker finds an interesting suggestion in the “feedback” jar of the pub where he works and assumes it is meant for him.”

Still Time

A short film we made in the Summer of 2017.

“What does ‘happiness’ mean to you? If you had to make a list of the things that truly bring you happiness would you know what to include? Two friends with two very different ideas of what makes life worth living decide to swap lists - and live out each other’s perfect day. Along the way, Jesse and Marcus end up learning more about themselves than they bargained for - and realise what they actually want out of life.”