Carla Gebhard

The Artist

The Brief

Carla is a watercolour artist living on the coast of Thornton-Cleveleys. Her beautiful work ranges from intimate pet portraits to brand identity, packaging work and, more recently, children’s book illustration. We took on the challenge of bringing all of this together, along with everything she stands for and her reasons for doing what she’s doing. We packaged it all up into a brand film (we call films like this “Mini-Docs”) that she can use for the foreseeable future. 

The Outcome

We created a 3 minute mini-doc that highlights everything from her inspirations to her love of animals and so much more. We endeavoured to allow Carla’s personality to carry us through the film, and struck a balance between the peaceful nature of her work and her love for the simple things in life whilst also being engaging and inspiring to watch.

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The majority of our pre-production was spent getting to know Carla – her reasons for doing what she’s doing, how it started and where she wants to go. Our goal was to create the most true, authentic film we could for Carla; something she could be proud of for years to come, and this required us to truly understand her and her work.


We spent a full day with Carla. Our time was split between an hour long interview, where we just placed a microphone between us and her and chatted. We wanted her answers to be real and not scripted so just having a chat made her feel comfortable and open. We then proceeded to stage a few scenes involving her artwork and seeing her working in her natural environment. Because Carla is so heavily inspired by nature, we decided to go for a walk along the seafront. Her animals are huge inspirations for her, too, so naturally we also had to include them!


Our main goal was to allow Carla to be the driving force within the film; her words, reasons, and inspirations needed to guide the visual story we were telling. For this reason we started with her interview and spent many hours combing through it all and piecing together her story. We then decided on the music we wanted to use – something subtle and emotionally driven was chosen so as to not ‘get in the way’. Once the audio elements were chosen and laid down, the visuals kind of took care of themselves!

“I can’t thank Route Nine Studios enough, they managed to create a magically, beautiful video telling my little business story! They really understood the warm and magical feeling that I had in my head and managed to translate it in a way I couldn’t even imagine. They were both so lovely to work with, they have the patience of a saint and a wonderful eye for detail!!”