Down By The Riverside

Animated Fairytale

The Brief

When the folks over at the Down By The Riverside Festival approached us wanting a film that would engage & entertain families in the North West to promote their music, art and theatre festival we knew exactly what to suggest.. A fairytale. With a theme of “The Giants Are Coming”, we got to work.

The Outcome

This short animated film was used to promote ticket sales for the weekend long festival. The idea was to spark the imagination of the kids watching, and it was also used as a writing prompt within local schools to encourage kids to come up with their own giants adventures!


As we wanted this to be as unique and exciting as possible, the first step was to write the fairytale! So, Teri put her fantasy head on and got writing. The initial concept creation, storyline and theme was hashed out fairly quickly and once the story was written we moved onto production.


Apart from the small amount of live action film at the beginning and end of the film, which was shot in one afternoon, the rest of production was spent tirelessly creating all of the assets to fill the worlds. Michael spent his time digitally painting the assets over a few weeks (he created everything apart from the giants and the dragon – which were created by the wonderful Arin at West Coast Co), then we set about animating everything!


The animating phase was the longest. Thankfully we had spent time storyboarding at the beginning of the project, so it was just a matter of animating all of the assets. Essentially everything is animated by keyframes – this is the practice of giving an object 2 or more points to move between over a given timeframe. Yes, it takes a long time! 

“After the *incredible* work these guys did on the Down By The Riverside Festival short film/promo, I don’t think I’ll ever recommend anybody else when it comes to video! Creative, dedicated and super talented – we can’t wait to work on more projects with them!”