War Zone Showreel Scene

A showreel scene for actor Jamie Lomas

The Brief

We worked alongside actor Jamie Lomas to write and produce a short showreel scene that could be used within a portfolio of work for casting directors and agents. He wanted something gritty and raw, but with genuine emotion and a sense of urgency. 

The Outcome

The final scene was around 3 minutes long which is longer than most showreel scenes, but we really wanted to stretch ourselves and dive as deep into this world as we could. The final scene has intensity and drama, but is still grounded in reality which is exactly what we were going for. 

MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY: Please note, the below video has been marked as “Mature” on Vimeo and is suitable only for mature audiences due to profanity and implied violence.


There was a considerable amount of pre-production required for this shoot. Everything from the script, to location, prop & costume sourcing was needed. The laws surrounding prop weapon use in films is very strict, so lots of paperwork and planning was needed to ensure everything was above board and safe!


This was a fun one (but very intense!). We filmed in an old storage unit in the middle of Liverpool. Two huge metal doors formed the entrance to the unit, so we blocked part of this off and used the rest of the light coming from outside to flood the room and create this incredibly warm, sweaty feeling. We used extra lights and gels to really add punch and depth. We also had to create the light shining on our lead actor through slats on a “window” – as the window itself didn’t actually exist! We did this using lots of haze and a Gobo.


There was a huge emphasis on realism during the entire process of this project. This continued into the editing phase where we placed a real focus on layering up the sound design and SFX to create the world outside of the bunker’s doors. We spent considerable time sourcing, creating and adding these sound effects to add the final layer.