Kaos Strength

What does "strong" mean?

The Brief

Kaos Strength gym is an incredible gym with an incredible story. It’s run by the Worlds Strongest Woman, Rhianon Lovelace and 2 time Wales’ Strongest Man, Luke Davies. Their passion, dedication and commitment are second to none, and this mini documentary explores their views on what being “strong” actually means.

The Outcome

Whilst many filmmakers would walk into the Kaos gym and hear the heavy metal soundtrack and the crashing of the weights and decide to create an equally ‘loud’ film, we took the opposite approach. After talking with Rhianon and Luke it became obvious – their love for their sport, the Kaos gym and the individuals they help deserved a much deeper, meaningful film.

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Our pre-production time was spent getting to know Rhianon and Luke us much as we could. The success of the film would rely on how well we were able to understand them, their motivations, their opinions and their personalities.


We spent the majority of a full day filming with them inside the Kaos gym. We spent the first hour or so interviewing them – this not only gave us a wealth of material to use as our Voiceover,  but it also informed the filming portion of the day massively. We then kept as mobile and as nimble as possible, using only a couple of lights so we could move fluidly and not keep asking our fantastic stars if they could “just do 1 more..”. (I’m sure they wouldn’t have minded, but it felt rude to ask!)


Our time in the editing room was completely directed by the interviews we recorded. Every syllable was combed over meticulously to ensure no golden nuggets were missed. Once we had our voiceover track we got to work deciding on the direction we wanted to take the music. This then led us to building our visuals and finally adding some additional layers of sound design (breathing, knocks and bangs, creaking of rope etc.) to really flesh out the world and squeeze every last drop of awesomeness we could out of the story.