Storytelling is what we do.

It’s what sets our work apart from the rest.

We are a creative powerhouse. We focus on emotive storytelling and tapping into the wants and needs of the consumer through the use of relatable plotlines, characters and scenarios.

Creating emotive, narrative driven promotional brand films and videos is what we do, and with experience as actors, screenwriters, directors and producers we are more than qualified for the job. 

From pre-production to cinematography and direction, from the edit to colour and sound design we endeavour to ensure that our creative decision-making and attention to detail is 100% in-line with the vision and the values of the client. We treat your project like our own, meaning we pour our heart, soul and passion into each and every detail of production. We are filmmakers, so, be it 30 seconds or an hour long, a film is what you get.



At Route Nine Studios we believe that video can be used in many diferent ways, and we
will always find a (video based!) solution to your problems.

There are lots of types of video that we produce, but here are some of the main examples:


A Mini-Doc (mini documentary) covers all aspects of a business as an overview, with the opportunity to be chopped down into smaller, more specific chunks of video that can be used in more targeted advertising.

A full length Mini-Doc can be hosted on a landing page, and the smaller videos can be used as a means to direct trafc to “view the full film” and encourage clicks to a website.

Short Overviews

A shorter video focussing solely on one product or aspect of your business. They can also be used to demonstrate examples of past work.

These videos can be used on social media, as well as being easily utilised at shows and events on a loop. Both voiceover and/or on-screen text could be used to make it as easy to digest and understand as possible.

Educational Videos

Educational videos can be used to demonstrate any special skill or knowledge that you possess with relation to your business.

These videos can be used on social media, but could also be filmed as regular content and incorporated into weekly or monthly blog posts or campaigns.

Narrative Film

As filmmakers, these short-form narrative pieces are where we truly shine. With an original script and storyboard, these films are produced with cinema standard equipment and a full editing package including sound design and colour grading.

We will produce an entertaining, narrative short film that tells a story related to your business.

The purpose of these films is to entertain the viewer, and to tap into an emotional response that will then resonate with them when they think of your business. These films align with your values as a business, and sell what you’re selling - without actually selling!

Music Videos

We can film anything from a live gig or live set, to a fully narrative mini-film centred around your music!

We can capture live audio from ticketed gigs or private acoustic sets, or can develop a mini-movie revolving around your song!

When it comes to music videos, we’re all ears! We love developing concepts from the simple and beautiful to the weird, wacky and wonderful!

Live Events

We cover any type of event, from annual festivals to pop up vintage fairs!

An “afterparty” video allows those present to relive the experience, leading to lots of social media shares with comments such as “omg Kelly have you seen you dancing in the background?!” whilst also helping you to market future events.

The full afterparty video can showcase all aspects of the event and include interviews from organisers and participants, whilst shorter cut-downs can be used for easily digestible marketing.

Actors Showreels

If you’re an actor struggling to get castings, an original showreel scene from us could be the way forward!

An original script, shot with cinema standard cameras. Scenes can also include pre- production such as location scouting & negation as well as specialist prop and costume sourcing.

Each scene is bespoke to your casting bracket, and professionally edited including sound efects and colour grading. More lights, camera and action than you can shake a prop weapon at!


Animation can be incorporated into any of the above videos!

From educational explainer videos to full blown animated narrative shorts - if it can be doodled, it can be done!

Animation can be used to spark imagination, demonstrate something that may otherwise be tricky to show or, frankly, to show off a bit!

If you're interested in adding animation to your videos this can be discussed in the initial concept creation phase of production!

Our Content Creation Process




Basically, you need a plan. The video content itself can be the most amazing thing ever (if we do say so ourselves) but, without a plan, you aren’t going to see a ROI. This is where Step 1 of our content creation process comes in.  In this stage of the process we will work with you to establish your target audience (and where they consume their content!), your yearly marketing vision and the types of content you need. From there, we will devise a strategy for not only the type of brand films or videos you need, but also what other content you may need such blogs, images, etc. (which we can also produce!). Finally, we will help you to construct and implement a plan for best utilising your shiny new content!  We will use all of this information to construct a detailed brief or treatment, which we will use as the basis for Phase 2.



Now comes the fun part! This is where we can really show off. In Phase 1 of our process we will get to know you, your brand, your values and your vision so when it comes to Phase 2 we will be able to tap into all of that and use it as inspiration to feed our crazy, ahem, I mean creativity. Seriously though, this is where the magic happens. This is where things get weird. We’re known for taking an idea and running with it, and usually come back with several options for you – all 100% in line with the initial brief. Once you’ve settled on a concept we will begin the planning, including any scriptwriting, storyboarding, location scouting or casting that may be needed. This is what we live for – taking an idea and bringing it to life is what we do best. 



All the gear and…. Thankfully lots of ideas too. Phew. Basically, we’ve got you covered. If we don’t have the equipment or manpower needed for the job we will handle any rentals or additional members of crew and additional costs will always be discussed up front – so no nasty surprises!  And when the shoot is over we scurry off back to the office and get ourselves ready for the edit. This means the edit, colour grade, music licencing and sound design are also all handled in-house. We are busy beavers here!