The Magnetic Scavenger Hunt Game

The Brief

Seekers approached us with a very specific need – they wanted a 30-40s promo video that can be used anywhere and everywhere to spread the word about their fantastic magnetic scavenger hunt game. 

The Outcome

This video would be seen by potential customers and stockists alike, so it needed to be easily understood, visually engaging and it needed to evoke all the right feelings and emotions of being a kid scavenging in the great outdoors! 


The majority of the pre-production on this project consisted of making sure we understood the required tone of the final piece. This had to appeal to both kids and their parents alike – so making sure we covered all aspects of the game was a major priority. To ensure we accomplished this we produced extensive storyboards and shot lists to make sure that nothing important was missed during production!


Production took place over one afternoon in a beautiful forest just outside of Chorley. We had quite a task managing so many young and excited kids (and their mums!). We needed to make sure we got all of the specific footage we needed, but also wanted to prioritise making sure the kids had a great day out!


The most important thing for us going into the editing phase was to make sure all of the text popups on screen were concise and understandable but also engaging and that they reflected the vibe of the Seekers brand – fun, exciting and energetic. This also fed into our colour grading choices as we wanted everything to feel bright, colourful and full of sunshine.